Veterinary Endoscopy Institute

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About Us

We are applyiing for Non-Profit Status.

Our Goals:
Provide High-quality Low-cost Medical Instruction
      by world-class physicians to Veterinarians
      to educate on endoscopy and ultrasound.

Save the Animals: Educate the public on the                  threating extinction of animals in the wild

Save the Ocean:  Provide Education on Damage done by plastics in the Ocean
and how to reduce use of plastics

Provide Wellness Lectures using Evidence- Based  Medicine to improve the health and well-being of physicians,
veterinarians and the public.


Alan V. Safdi MD, FACG
Chairman Ohio Gastroenterology and Liver Institute
Chair Division of  Nutrition and IBD
Past Chairman Crohn's and Colitis Medical Advisory Committee, Cincinnati
President Consultants for Clinical Research
Director Safetec Inc.
Co-founder Emerge Health Solutions
Medical Director Tri-State Endoscopy Centers

Dr. Safdi is one of the world’s most foremost authorities on endoscopy and gastroenterology. He has personally preformed more than 100,000 endoscopies and published more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles on gastroenterology.

Dr. Renner is the Director of Radiology and Radiology Research at the Ohio GI and Liver Institute and has performed more than 300,000 radiologic exams. Both Dr. Safdi and Dr. Renner have lectured throughout the world.