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Endoscopy for Veterinarians:
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Our Goals:
Provide High-quality Low-cost Medical Instruction
      by world-class physicians to Veterinarians
      to educate on endoscopy and ultrasound.

Fiberoptic Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Course for Veterinarians
 by Alan Safdi, MD and  William Renner, MD

Learn Scope Manipulation,  Biopsy, and  Foreign Body Retrieval
        Indications, Diagnosis and Treatments with the Endoscope

 "Dr. Safdi's lectures are the best!
He is funny and always very informative. He is a great teacher!"

Upcoming Courses: 
April 13-15, 2019

                    Nov 2-4, 2019

Tuition for 3-day Course:
         $1995 Veterinarians
          Bring your techs for  $245 each 

  We Come to You

We are happy to individualize a course for you and your team at your site.
We require at least 5 Veterinarians to make it feasible.
We will bring supply the scopes, gastroenterologists, radiologist, endoscopy nurses, and endoscopy techs for training. 
Please email us if you have any questions or need more information. 

Learn to use the FiberopticEndoscope from the some of the world’s foremost experts. Dr. Safdi is one of the world’s most foremost authorities on endoscopy and gastroenterology. He has personally preformed more than 100,000 endoscopies and published more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles on gastroenterology. Dr. Renner is the Director of Radiology and Radiology Research at the Ohio GI and Liver Institute and has performed more than 300,000 radiologic exams. Both Dr. Safdi and Dr. Renner have lectured throughout the world.
There will be additional staff that includes trained endoscopy nurses and certified techs who have years of experience.

If you attend this course, you can arrange for Dr. Safdi to come to your office and help you use the endoscope (at an additional cost)               

Day 1:
                Introduction to Fiberoptic Endoscopy
-              Indication for performing GI endoscopy
-              Case examples highlighting endoscopy
-              Equipment selection and what you need to get
-             Become proficient in endoscopy                

              You will have multiple practice stations     
-              Disorders of the Upper GI Tract
               Management of Diseases  with endoscopy

                Laboratory Stations with Expert  

               Endoscopy    Hands-on Using the Endoscope
                                Hands-on Using the Endoscope: Models
                                Cleaning the Endoscope
                                Endoscopic Maintinence
                                Endoscopic Nursing
Day 2:
                             Gastroscopy - Technique
                -              Duodenoscopy - Technique
                -              Hands on Biopsy techniques
                                Important disorders of the stomach and small intestines   

                                Upper GI endoscopy demo
                                Laboratory Stations:
                                Hands-on Using the Endoscope: Wet lab 
                                Cleaning the Endoscope
Day 3:
                Lecture:  foreign body retrieval 
                Laboratory:  Continue hands-on practicing upper GI 
                                Participants successfully perform upper
                How to biospy lesions, dilate strictures
                           Foreign body retrieval demo
                Foreign body retrieval exercises


Location of Meetings

Cincinnati, Ohio